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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Diverse Creative Entrepreneur Nianell is a platinum-selling vocal alchemist, who dazzles with ease through four octaves. She includes many different styles of music in her song-writing, and accompanies herself on piano and acoustic guitar. Vocally Nianell creates sounds, frequencies and vibrations, where words are sometimes unnecessary, allowing every soul to interpret the message for themselves. A South African and International success story, with many of her songs play-listed on radio stations worldwide. Nianell is a gifted singer, a talented musician and songwriter, as well as a world-published Hay House author, an inspirational speaker and loving mother of triplet girls. Nianell has completed a 3 year diploma through the university of Tshwane in music, a PhD in Metaphysics, a Certificate of Science and Masters in @Thetahealing, and a mother of triplets.

Highlights in Nianell's career:
Performing with Andrea Bocelli in the Sun Dome
Performing at the Fifa World Cup Finals 2010 which was broadcasted worldwide
Nianell's song 'Who painted the moon' was covered by the singer Hayley Westenra on her album 'Pure', which sold over 2 million copies
Nianell is a multi-platinum selling artist and has released 8 solo albums so far.
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Nianell is what some call an 'Angel'. Her music and books elevate her followers who have stayed close to her side throughout the years. Her music is inspiring and motivating and her books create awareness in one's own life and the desire to improve. 
Performing with Andrea Bocelli in the Sun Dome. Nianell has been a trailblazer for female singer-songwriters in South Africa ever since the release of her widely acclaimed debut-album, Who Painted the Moon? (2001). The title track swept listeners across the country away and Nianell quickly became a household name. Nianell also achieved international success with this song when Hayley Westenra did a cover version of it and sold over 2 million copies worldwide.
In the company of Louise Hay. In line with the success of her books, Nianell has created an extraordinary keynote speech entitled Life Simplified that combines the spirit of her wisdom with the beauty of her voice. This presentation includes an equal combination of inspirational messages with many of her well known songs such as Life’s Gift’,I Hold the Sun, Who Painted the Moon and her song Finally, which won first prize in the 16th annual USA Songwriting Competition for best inspirational song.
Apart from her hugely successful music career, Nianell is also an accomplished author. Her debut book, Knowing Who I Am is published internationally by Hay House Publishing, and continues to fly off the shelves. The Afrikaans version Om Te Weet Wie Ek Is was a South African bestseller and similarly continues to sell like hotcakes. Nianell is currently putting the finishing touches on her follow-up to Knowing Who I Am in her soon to be released book called 'Shine'. Nianell's latest book release is Life Simplified.  Life Simplified is a book of living, an invaluable and profound spiritual harvest of insights about the game of love and life that we choose to play here on Earth. 
Throughout the years Nianell invested a huge part of her time completing courses and developing herself as a teacher and healer.  She currently holds a ThetaHealing Masters qualification and Certificate of Science, as well as a PhD in Metaphysics through the University of Sedona. Through Skype in the privacy and comfort of your home, you can  join Nianell in an one hour session as she takes you through releasing the limiting beliefs that are blocking you in your growth to achieve whatever it is that you desire, to get you to the next level of your life.
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